Sherwood Pines

Does Sherwood pines have a park?

Does it have a shop?

Is Sherwood Pines huge?

What is in the pond that we are going pond dipping?

Does Sherwood Pines have cattle?

Does Sherwood Pines have colourful birds?

Does Sherwood Pines have rare trees?

Does Sherwood Pines smell?

Does Sherwood Pines have slimy frogs in the pond?

Will we catch some tadpoles?

Are we allowed to climb some trees?

Will we catch some greasy slimy frogs?

Is there any bike ramps?

If you walk round the pond how long will it take?

Will it take long if we skate around the pond?

Are the trees tall?

Are the trees different colours?

Are the birds loud and how many types of birds are they?

By Jaden and Jasmine

Sherwood Pines

Tomorrow we are going to Sherwood Pines and we’re going to make stuff. Have you ever done pond dipping? We are going to Sherwood pines and we’re so excited because we going to make a tree house.

By Archie and Keir

Sherwood Pines

I think I will see squirrels climbing through the beautiful,vast and green trees and I think I will see baby,cute and tiny turtles swimming in the see through, blue and beautiful water. I think we will see little,stinky and yucky Skunks that are as stinky as horrible Henry’s stink bombs. I would like to carve a turtle into the wood art and I would like to see orange, blue and red fish and I think we will find seaweed and fish but I think only about 3 people will catch fish. I think that we will see little tadpoles and slimy green frogs. I have been to Sherwood pines before but I can’t remember because I was about 2 and I think we will see fish but I hate eating them but every Sunday I go fishing and my first time I caught 5 then the next Sunday I caught 4 then the next Sunday I caught 6. I think when we climb the beautiful enormous trees we will see bird nests with tiny bird eggs. I think I will hear lots of people talking and trampling on brown and green sticks and leaves. It is very beautiful listening to birds chirping and I thing they my be singing in there old comfy dusty nests.

By Jayden and Alex

Sherwood Pines

  • I hope there is laser tag.
  • I hope there is a river.
  • I hope to see a park.
  • l hope there is a climbing frame.
  • l hope there is a fishing area.
  • l hope we can climb trees.
  • l wish there is games .
  • l wish there is a zoo.
  • I hope there is a aquarium.

By Maggie and Harvey co.

Sherwood Pines

What will we find in the pond? What will we do at Sherwood pines?

I want to see some goldfish as small as a ant.

What could we make at Sherwood pines ?

Can we climb the trees and jump down after?

Will we craft from wood in Sherwood pines?

Where will we eat our lunch?

Will we do lots of stuff like climbing , jumping doing art and adventure?

Are the tees as huge as a sky scraper?

Will we find little cute baby animals in the huge big woods /Sherwood pines?

Will we find any animals like squirrels in the trees?

Will we climb trees that are as big as huge elephant?

By Caitlin and Courtney



Sherwood Pines

I would like to climb a lot of massive trees as tall as an elephant.

At Sherwood pines, I want to see some orange gold fish as small as a mouse.

I want to go pond dipping at Sherwood pines and get wet.

I want to create some woodland art.

I would want so see a lot of huge fish.

I don’t just want to do woodland art, I want to also want to use rock to carve things.

I want to see a berry bush and to eat the berries

By Harvey Ca and Thomas

Sherwood Pines

Have you ever been to Sherwood pines?

I never been to Sherwood pines before.

What would you like to do at Sherwood pines?

I was wondering if there was play area.

What might we find when we go pond dipping?

We will see ducks at Sherwood pines.

What art work would you like to create for the woodland art?

Do painting pictures at Sherwood pines.

What could we use to make the art?

Paint, wood frames and pictures.

By Alfie and Mason